Creating the Learning Revolution

As a part of my work, I have got more involved with education than never before. I truly feel connected with it. It seems to be the calling. I also have got a more closer chance to be working with education across the system at different levels. Right from the primary schools to the high schools to college education and the after college training to create skilled professionals. The stakes on education are high. As we pride on a nation that has the highest youth population in the world, we also hold the dubious distinction of having a huge number of unemployable graduates.

You may wonder, where does the problem lie? Is it in the colleges that often end up teaching only theory and not have their students work on projects; or is the problem elsewhere.? Why do companies have to spend a fortune in training their newly joined employees? Can this be taken care of at the college level itself.

Once you start analysing in a bit more detail, you realise that the problem is not just at the college level, but in the whole system, and problem can trickle down all the way up to Primary school education. There is a requirements for a complete overhaul in the way Primary Education is delivered in India. Through different channels, I have been exploring how this can be done. From getting associated with schools as an Advisor, to also conducting workshops and seminars;  I am trying it all.

Image from Happy Horizons Trust
Image from Happy Horizons Trust

But there is a need for more people to get into education. From the creation of the content to the delivery. When you get into the system you also realise that the problems are aplenty with a lot of the stakeholders. The notion of good teachers is reduced considerably. What was once considered a profession to be proud of, is today often looked down upon. In my opinion, if there is one profession that truly deserves the respect its due, it is education.

Watch this insightful talk by one of my favourite Sir Ken Robinson, on why we need to create a Learning Revolution.

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