The Goa Project 2015 talk

Over the past few years, nothing has driven me more than to be working in the field of Design Education. Whenever I get an opportunity, I try to talk about it and share my viewpoints and love to hear thoughts both from educationists and industry practitioners on how it can improve/change.

Here are the slides from my talk today at The Goa Project 2015.

I spoke on Design Education in India and shared my viewpoints on what are the things that design education needs to do. It was an interesting experiences sharing the views and engaging in discussions with people over the talk and the break thereafter.

A quick summary of the presentation are with these points :

  1. Design education in India is going through a transition
  2. There’s a huge supply -demand gap number of graduates and industry requirements
  3. There are more people ‘designing’ stuff than ever before
  4. The role of designer in organisation and society is changing
  5. We need to equip the designer with skills relevant to succeed in the 21st century
  6. We live in a more connected and complex world

You can view the entire presentation below..

Would love to hear your viewpoints and engage in more discussions on the same.

One thought on “The Goa Project 2015 talk

  • Loved the content of the presentation. I am personally interested in understanding the transition of design education in India (as well as abroad). I completely agree that there is a mismatch between demand and supply. Apart from the quantity (no of designers graduating each year), we also need to focus on the mismatch in quality of designers. The understanding of design have evolved since 1961 (establishment of NID), but still I feel that apart of few design schools, the understanding of design in educational institute has not evolved. Still we are imparting the same kind of knowledge and skill sets that was relevant then. Newer design schools are still cloning from the old institutes. I feel that there is a need to understand and explore the future of design discipline. For example what kind of knowledge based will be required in future, what skill sets will be needed, what kind of products will be designed etc. I would love to hear your opinion on this…

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